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  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .server shutdown #delay [#exit_code]

    Shut the server down after #delay seconds. Use #exit_code or 0 as program exit code.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .server shutdown cancel

    Cancel the restart/shutdown timer if any.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .setskill #skill #level [#max]

    Set a skill of id #skill with a current skill value of #level and a maximum value of #max (or equal current maximum if not provide) for the selected character. If no character is selected, you learn the skill.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .showarea #areaid

    Reveal the area of #areaid to the selected character. If no character is selected, reveal this area to you.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .stable

    Show your pet stable.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .tele add $name

    Add current your position to .tele command target locations list with name $name.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .tele del $name

    Remove location with name $name for .tele command locations list.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .unaura #spellid

    Remove aura due to spell #spellid from the selected Unit.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .unban account $Name
    Unban accounts for account name pattern.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .unban character $Name
    Unban accounts for character name pattern.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax : .unban ip $Ip
    Unban accounts for IP pattern.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .unlearn #spell [all]

    Unlearn for selected player a spell #spell. If 'all' provided then all ranks unlearned.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .wchange #weathertype #status

    Set current weather to #weathertype with an intensity of #status.

    #weathertype can be 1 for rain, 2 for snow, and 3 for sand. #status can be 0 for disabled, and 1 for enabled.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .wp export [#creature_guid or Select a Creature] $filename
  • Level : 4
    Syntax: .account create $account $password [$expansion]

    Create account and set password to it. Optionally, you may also set another expansion for this account than the defined default value.
  • Level : 4
    Syntax: .account delete $account

    Delete account with all characters.
  • Level : 4
    Syntax: .account onlinelist

    Show list of online accounts.
  • Level : 4
    Syntax: .account set gmlevel [#accountId|$accountName] #level

    Set the security level for targeted player (can't be used at self) or for #accountId or $accountName to a level of #level.

    #level may range from 0 to 3.
  • Level : 4
    Syntax: .account set password (#accountId|$accountName) $password $password

    Set password for account.
  • Level : 4
    Syntax: .character deleted delete #guid|$name

    Completely deletes the selected characters.
    If $name is supplied, only characters with that string in their name will be deleted, if #guid is supplied, only the character with that GUID will be deleted.