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  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .debug setvalue #field [int|hex|bit|float] #value

    Set the field #field of the selected target to value #value. If no target is selected, set the content of your field.

    Use type arg for set input format: int (decimal number), hex (hex value), bit (bitstring), float. By default expect integer input format.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .debug spellcoefs #spellid

    Show default calculated and DB stored coefficients for direct/dot heal/damage.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .debug spellmods (flat|pct) #spellMaskBitIndex #spellModOp #value

    Set at client side spellmod affect for spell that have bit set with index #spellMaskBitIndex in spell family mask for values dependent from spellmod #spellModOp to #value.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .die

    Kill the selected player. If no player is selected, it will kill you.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .distance [$name/$link]

    Display the distance from your character to the selected creature/player, or player with name $name, or player/creature/gameobject pointed to shift-link with guid.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .explorecheat #flag

    Reveal or hide all maps for the selected player. If no player is selected, hide or reveal maps to you.

    Use a #flag of value 1 to reveal, use a #flag value of 0 to hide all maps.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .flusharenapoints

    Use it to distribute arena points based on arena team ratings, and start a new week.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .gm fly [on/off]
    Enable/disable gm fly mode.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .gm list

    Display a list of all Game Masters accounts and security levels.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .hidearea #areaid

    Hide the area of #areaid to the selected character. If no character is selected, hide this area to you.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .instance listbinds
    Lists the binds of the selected player.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .instance savedata
    Save the InstanceData for the current player's map to the DB.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .instance stats
    Shows statistics about instances.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .instance unbind all
    All of the selected player's binds will be cleared.
    .instance unbind #mapid
    Only the specified #mapid instance will be cleared.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .learn #spell [all]

    Selected character learn a spell of id #spell. If 'all' provided then all ranks learned.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .learn all

    Learn all big set different spell maybe useful for Administaror.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .learn all_myclass

    Learn all spells and talents available for his class.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .learn all_myspells

    Learn all spells (except talents and spells with first rank learned as talent) available for his class.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .learn all_mytalents

    Learn all talents (and spells with first rank learned as talent) available for his class.
  • Level : 3
    Syntax: .levelup [$playername] [#numberoflevels]

    Increase/decrease the level of character with $playername (or the selected if not name provided) by #numberoflevels Or +1 if no #numberoflevels provided). If #numberoflevels is omitted, the level will be increase by 1. If #numberoflevels is 0, the same level will be restarted. If no character is selected and name not provided, increase your level. Command can be used for offline character. All stats and dependent values recalculated. At level decrease talents can be reset if need. Also at level decrease equipped items with greater level requirement can be lost.