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  • Level : 0
    Syntax: .account

    Display the access level of your account.
  • Level : 0
    Syntax: .account lock [on|off]

    Allow login from account only from current used IP or remove this requirement.
  • Level : 0
    Syntax: .account password $old_password $new_password $new_password

    Change your account password.
  • Level : 0
    Syntax: .commands

    Display a list of available commands for your account level.
  • Level : 0
    Syntax: .dismount

    Dismount you, if you are mounted.
  • Level : 0
    Syntax: .gm ingame

    Display a list of available in game Game Masters.
  • Level : 0
    Syntax: .help [$command]

    Display usage instructions for the given $command. If no $command provided show list available commands.
  • Level : 0
    Syntax: .save

    Saves your character.
  • Level : 0
    Syntax: .server info

    Display server version and the number of connected players.
  • Level : 0
    Syntax: .server motd

    Show server Message of the day.
  • Level : 0
    Syntax: .start

    Teleport you to the starting area of your character.
  • Level : 1
    Syntax: .announce $MessageToBroadcast

    Send a global message to all players online in chat log.
  • Level : 1
    Syntax: .debug play cinematic #cinematicid

    Play cinematic #cinematicid for you. You stay at place while your mind fly.
  • Level : 1
    Syntax: .debug play sound #soundid

    Play sound with #soundid.
    Sound will be play only for you. Other players do not hear this.
    Warning: client may have more 5000 sounds...
  • Level : 1
    Syntax: .gm [on/off]

    Enable or Disable in game GM MODE or show current state of on/off not provided.
  • Level : 1
    Syntax: .gm chat [on/off]

    Enable or disable chat GM MODE (show gm badge in messages) or show current state of on/off not provided.
  • Level : 1
    Syntax: .gm setview

    Set farsight view on selected unit. Select yourself to set view back.
  • Level : 1
    Syntax: .gm visible on/off

    Output current visibility state or make GM visible(on) and invisible(off) for other players.
  • Level : 1
    Syntax: .go [$playername|pointlink|#x #y #z [#mapid]]
    Teleport your character to point with coordinates of player $playername, or coordinates of one from shift-link types: player, tele, taxinode, creature/creature_entry, gameobject/gameobject_entry, or explicit #x #y #z #mapid coordinates.
  • Level : 1
    Syntax: .go creature (#creature_guid|$creature_name|id #creature_id)
    Teleport your character to creature with guid #creature_guid, or teleport your character to creature with name including as part $creature_name substring, or teleport your character to a creature that was spawned from the template with this entry #creature_id.