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Here is a list of Frequently Asked questions on our server. If you have any questions that you cant find here, then trying searching and asking in the forums.

1. How to connect?

Answer: set realmlist You can download prepatched client from HERE

2. Who are the administrators of this server?

Answer: For now search in game for Maive or Zondark. Our administration team will grow very soon.

3. What are the rates of the server?

Answer: 10x for xp 5x drop rate for items 10x epic items drop rate.

4. What are the server hardware specifications?

Answer: PhenomII X4 processor 16GB RAM and 2TB disk space on constant backup.

5. What is the server internet connection speed?

Answer: 55mbps dedicated fiber optics line.

6. What is the server OS?

Answer: The server is running on Ubuntu LTS 14.04 based on CMangos compiled core specifically for this project. The whole infrastructure is hosted on VmWare 5.5 environment.

7. If I have more questions?

Answer: For any questions regarding server, game, proposals or suggestions, please email admin[at]

8. How can I get my account transferred?

Answer: We offer you to transfer one character with all items plus 200k gold from any other proven 2.4.3 TBC server. Send us an email to admin[at] with information what is your charname on our server and what you wish to get transferred from another server.

9. What about account transfer from LastWoW?

Answer: Our project started as aid to LastWoW due to their problems with closing. Our core is much more stable and long term supported. We would gladly trasnfer you all characters and items that are proven from LastWoW. Due to Fyrend not providing the database, this must happen manually with a help of RaguWoW admin.

10. Why I am not receiving my activation email?

Answer: Please notice that you are going to receive an activation mail from admin[at] after 1 to 15 minutes after registration. On some email services like gmail it is possible that the email went in your spam folder so always check there as well. On and you may expirience a delay up to 15 minutes upon receiving your email.

11. What items will not be transferred from my other accounts?

Answer: Currently we do not allow transfers of any donation items - magic brooms, brutal gear, warglaives (brutal weapons you can transfer).

12. How to prove my gear and items?

Answer: Make a screenshot while you are typing raguwow ingame chat on the other server to confirm character and gear are yours.

13. Will be there any donations?

Answer: For now, we are not planning either to sell any gear, or have any custom or donation items available. Also such donation items will NOT be transferred from other servers.