• We are heavily recruiting server staff and players at the moment. Also we are heavily advertising on all WoW community forums.

    Please vote for our server in order to grow the population on it:


    You can use our private Teamspeak3 server to chat online, connect to:  raguwow.noip.me

  • Since we have several reports, that new accounts are not being able to be activated, please do the folowing in case you did not receive your email activation link, after registration:

    1. Wait 20-25 minutes, some email servers take some time to communicate with ours.

    2. Check your junkmail folder, sometimes our emails go there.

    3. If you have recieved nothing in 2 hours, please email our support: admin[at]raguwow.noip.me

    4. Have in mind we have an administrator checking regularily and enabling new legitimate accounts, so even if you do not receieve a reply in 2-3 days, there is high chance that your account have been activated.

  • Our team decided to allow every new user to have 1 character fully transferred from an existing legitimate TBC WoW server (such as LastWoW). Since this process have to happen manually, please contact an admin or email admin[at]raguwow.noip.me to schedule an administrator ingame to teleport you and restore your inventory. Be prapred to have screenshots or armory links of your existing character.

    No special items are allowed to transfer such as:

    - Flying or magic brooms;

    - Legendary items;

    - Speicifc donator items: shirt, tabard, brutal gear (except for weapons);


    Please also vote for our server in order to grow the population on it:


    Thank you for your support!!!



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  • Welcome!

    Posted by: Maive|  04-02-2016
  • Welcome to RaguWoW fellows!

    Server based on The Burning Crusade patch 2.4.3, set as following:

    • experience x10;
    • drop rate x5; 
    • epic items drop x10; 
    • profession rate x5.

    We are working to develop the server in the best way possible. We have not found any major bug in the server and everything is working as it should be. If you find any please do not wait to contact us. 

    Have fun!




  • This started as test site of Mangos core for LastWoW revival project! The problem was that obviously the greedy and uncapable administration of LastWoW never had any real intentions of migrating their ruined and ancient ArcEmu repack server to a real compiled unix core such as CMangos or Trinity.


    We introduce you RaguWoW server. You will find more information about the server in the time to come.




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